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The face filter you need right now

In days of isolation not everyone is feeling at their best, but even then (or actually especially then) it’s important to stay positive and don’t take things too seriously. That’s why you will with no doubt love this more than ever relatable face filter from Belgian fashion brand Lost In The World. 

The past weeks I have been doing the most crazy things for my internship at  ‘Lost In The World’. Ranging from filming my boyfriend to taping soap and candles with ducktape or photographing fruits and veggies on my terrace - speak of a multi faceted internship. My latest task was to make a simple ‘how to’ video to introduce the ‘I Feel Perfectly Terrible’ face filter and explain how to use it, since Instagram has somehow failed so far to make this clear.

Lost In The World (LITW) is all about turning the negative into positive. Davy Denduyver (creative brain, founder of the brand and my internship supervisor) describes the purpose of the brand beautifully on the website, I quote: “Inspired by life and its daily events, LITW’s aim is to help you embark on a journey about finding yourself in a sea full of uniformity. Denduyver takes cues from hardcore/punk and its DIY ethic, creating a strong visual language and cutting-edge contemporary streetwear while using LITW as a platform to diminish the stigma around mental health”. What’s not to love?

So if you have been feeling Perfectly Terrible lately (and I know you have), check out this video on how to use it on Instagram or skip to the LITW Instagram account. 

Video by mégane, photos by LITW