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Creative Souls: Tie dye

In “Creative Souls” we shine a light on people who get creative during quarantine. Each person talks about what he or she personally has been working on, with the aim of inspiring you to put your time and energy into your own creative project.

Who are you?

Cheyenne 23, living in Afsnee 

How do you get creative during quarantine?

I try to find many ways to keep myself busy. I’ve always loved creating things, so I’ve tried some things that I wanted to do for a while but never found the time for. One of them being tie dying. It’s something I picked up last year when I noticed I still had a lot of white clothes in my closet that I wasn’t wearing. So I thought, why not dye them.

What do you like about it?

I like the fact that you can give your old clothes a second life. I also really love tie dye in general, the whole process really relaxes me. It can be a little bit of a hassle and you do need quite some stuff, but it’s really fun in my opinion. The part I like the most is when you have dyed your clothes, and the next day, you get to see how they turned out. It’s always a surprise, you never really know what they’ll look like. And even if if didn’t turn out quite like you expected, it never looks bad!

What do you need for it?

You need quite some stuff but you can all reuse it actually! First of all you need some white clothes to dye, preferably a cotton lend of some sort. Then you of course need textile dye, some gloves to make sure your hands aren’t colored. I had that once with blue dye and my hands were blue for about three days. Not fun if you have to go out! You also need rubber bands or ties to tie your clothes into a bundle. Lastly you will need some spraytubes where you can mix your dye with water and shake it. After it’s shaken in the tube, it’s easy to spray the dye onto the fabric. That’s about it actually. If you have all that, you just have to have a little patience, because it takes about a day before you can rinse and wash you newly dyed clothes.

Can anyone do it?

Of course! It’s really not difficult at all. You just need some time and the material I listed above. The fun thing with this is that it’s not an exact craft. Half of the time I don’t even know what I’m doing and just wing it. It’s actually more fun if you just wing it and not plan ahead for a certain shape you want it to become.

Thanks for inspiring!