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Creative Souls: Drawing with colored pencils

In “Creative Souls” we shine a light on people who get creative during quarantine. Each person talks about what he or she personally has been working on, with the aim of inspiring you to put your time and energy into your own creative project.

Who are you? 

Maaike, 26, living in Ghent

How do you get creative during quarantine?

If I want to be creative, I usually reach for a sheet and pencil. I like to draw, but usually I can’t find the time. Since quarantine I think it’s nice to discover the creative side of me again.

What do you like about it?

When I draw I usually choose for pencils. You have different colors, thicknesses... I think you can draw very expressively with pencils. Making such a drawing doesn’t take that long either, which often keeps me motivated to draw one more. Also, when I draw, I always have the feeling I have plenty of time and don't think about anything else. It is quite soothing. Another thing that I like is that it’s so easy to start with and to clean up. I find it annoying about painting that you have to clean all the brushes afterwards.

What do you need for it?

Just a paper and a few pencils. Or even one pencil, you can play with it, by pressing harder or softer on your pencil.

Can anyone do it?

Yes! Of course! But the more you draw, the better you can get at it. I guess everyone’s first drawing isn’t that good, but I think anyone can draw, you just have to practise.

Thanks for inspiring!