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Creative Souls: Pottery

In “Creative Souls” we shine a light on people who get creative during quarantine. Each person talks about what he or she personally has been working on, with the aim of inspiring you to put your time and energy into your own creative project.

Who are you? 

Charlotte, 23, living in Loppem

How do you get creative during quarantine?

I made some bowls and plates out of clay from home. Last year I followed an initiation workshop in a ceramics atelier and I discovered that I really liked it, so I tried it again during quarantine.

What do you like about it?

I've always liked being creative with everything that is interior related. These bowls out of clay can be made in all shapes, colors and sizes so you have the freedom to experiment with different styles. Of course over the course of the weeks a lot of clay also ended up in the trash.

What do you need for it?

My intention during this period was to apply the workshop techniques in a simple way, using material that I already had at home for the most part. To make these bowls I used air dry clay, some bowls and plates that I had (for the shape), water, a rolling pin, some knives, sandpaper, paint and varnish.

Can anyone do it?

Sure, it might as well be a fun activity to do with kids during quarantine. The bowls certainly don't have to be perfect. After some experimenting you will soon learn the do's and don’ts and in doing so, you can make them as 'perfect' as you want.

Thanks for inspiring!